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DBT teaches us that hospitalization is avoided whenever possible.

DBT is very similar to a rehabilitative model. It suggests it is most effective to keep individuals in their stressful environments and help them cope with life as it is.


Individuals are not less likely to attempt suicide if they are hospitalized.

In the DBT Program at Potomac Behavioral Solutions, acute hospitalization is extremely rare (i.e., < 5 participant/year) even for individuals who experience Target 1 Behaviors such as suicidal ideation and self-harm.

To date, there is no empirical data to suggest that acute inpatient hospitalization is effective in reducing suicide risk, even for individuals considered  "high risk."

Is DBT Cost Effective? 

YES! consolidated the following research:

Accumulating evidence indicates that DBT reduces the cost of treatment. For example, the American Psychiatric Association (1998) estimated that DBT decreased costs by 56% – when comparing the treatment year with the year prior to treatment – in a community-based program. In particular, reductions were evident by decreased face-to-face emergency services contact (80%), hospital days (77%), partial hospitalizations (76%), and crises bed days (56%). The decrease in hospital costs (~$26,000 per client) far outweighed the outpatient services cost increase (~$6,500 per client).

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