Have you taken a look at the International OCD Foundation yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Their website has tons of information, resources, stories, and videos - and can be a support through one’s journey with OCD.

This week make sure to also check out this wonderful resource to find free screenings of UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie, which are showing in honor of OCD Awareness Week 2018.

“Thousands of kids, teens and adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are trapped in a vicious cycle of worries, intrusive thoughts and rituals. And while families and loved ones are desperate to help them, fighting OCD takes time and specialized therapy. To uncover what OCD is, and what it isn’t, filmmakers Kelly Anderson and Chris Baier focus on an unlikely group of experts: Kids!

UNSTUCK is an award-winning short film that documents OCD strictly through the eyes of young people. The short documentary avoids sensationalizing compulsions and obsessions, and instead reveals the complexity of a disorder that affects the brain and behavior. As the group of resilient kids and teens roadmap their process of recovery, the film inspires viewers to believe it is possible to fight their worst fears and beat back OCD.”

Additionally, take a look at this free facebook therapist chat on Wednesday night, hosted by an OCD therapist who is also a parent of a child with OCD.