How Do I End Treatment?

In the first few appointments, our team spends time working on commitment to treatment to ensure we can provide helpful interventions for individual's specific goals. We hope to work with you when it comes time to end treatment. Clients and providers may end therapy for any number of reasons. Whatever the motivation for discontinuing treatment, this transition can be both rewarding and challenging. If you believe your time at PBS may be coming to a close, please consider the following:

  • The decision to end therapy can be initiated by the client. Please inform your provider if you are considering ending treatment.

  • Once this decision has been made, we recommend that clients and providers meet for several closure sessions to review goals, evaluate progress, and discuss feelings related to the transition.

  • Because “endings” are a natural part of life, this process is a helpful way to practice ending relationships in a healthy way.

  • Ending therapy without first discussing the transition with a provider means that clients do not receive the full benefits of their treatment.

  • In the absence of these sessions, clients may experience upsetting feelings related to ending therapy. Additionally, we will not have the opportunity to provide referrals or insights for clients who plan to seek treatment elsewhere.

  • Our team of providers are committed to supporting clients through this process, regardless of the reasons for discontinuing treatment.