DBT for friends & Family™

To enroll in F & F you must first complete the Family Connections Program

Friends & Family™ is a 12-week course that meets weekly to teach more advanced theoretical concepts of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and skill application techniques to friends and family members of individuals in a DBT program.  


  • Intro (Guidelines/Assumptions) & Review the BioSocial Model of DBT

  • Mindfulness Skills: Three States of Mind, What & How

  • Validation & Problem Solving: Core Acceptance & Change Skills - why do we stay mindful of judgments?

  • Primary Target Behavior: Functions, Response from Family & Skills

  • Secondary Target Behaviors: Biological & Social Consequences

  • Understand the functional relationship: thinking, feeling & acting

  • Distress Tolerance Skills for Family & Friends

  • Review & Role Play: Limit Setting, Observing Limits & Acceptance

  • Relationship Mindfulness: Skills for Family & Friends

  • Emotion Regulation: Sensitivity, Reactivity & Slow Return to Baseline: Now What? Skills!

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: DEARMAN, GIVE & FAST (role play)

  • Basics of Behaviorism: Don’t Shoot the Dog!

When: Tuesday 5:00-6:30 PM, led by Mariely Gonzalez

Cost: FREE! 

Commitment: We HIGHLY encourage attending all 12 weeks.

How to register: info@pbshealthcare.com


Next Entry Date:

September 10, 2019