Registered Dietitians are experts at understanding how nutrients affect an individual’s health. Dietitians offer recommendations and interventions for a variety of situations. What can a Registered Dietitian offer you?

  • Clinical assessment and personalized goal-setting
  • Individualized treatment solutions to aid in reducing restricting, binge eating and/or purging behaviors
  • Identification of realistic, flexible, nourishing, balanced meals and snacks for your unique needs and preferences
  • Developing trust in your natural hunger, fullness, and satisfaction cues (Intuitive Eating)
  • Nutrition recommendations to improve energy, focus, and emotion regulation
  • Nutrition education about benefits that various foods and nutrients have on the body and mind
  • Research-based interventions to increase internal motivation to make nutrition changes
  • Exposure to mindful eating and feared foods/food-related situations which can help reduce restricting, overeating and binge eating behaviors
  • Interventions for decreasing the amount of time spent feeling guilty or preoccupied with food and weight
  • Strategies to decrease emotional eating and prioritize self-care (gentle nutrition, adequate sleep, joyful movement, etc.)
  • Assistance restructuring food environments to avoid over-eating or under-eating triggers
  • Challenging unhelpful food rules, beliefs, assumptions, and judgments 
  • Providing relevant resources such as podcast and book recommendations

Food Exposure Group


         What about Meal Plans, Exchanges, Measuring, and Calorie Counting?

Our goal is help patients connect with their own hunger, fullness, and satisfaction cues. For this reason, our goal is to move away from eating that is based on counting and focus instead on Iearning to honor your personal nutritional needs. This is called Intuitive Eating.

*We do NOT offer diet or weight loss programming.
Instead, our evidence-based interventions focus on mindful and/or intuitive eating and lifestyle choices which may or may not result in weight loss.