What is an Individualized Intensive?

Sometimes, once weekly individual therapy may not be enough support to manage the symptoms of what someone may be experiencing. PBS offers programming that uses evidence-based practices in a weekly structured way to give maximum exposure to interventions, skill development, and symptom amelioration.  Programming typically runs as a week-long program, however, can be offered over the course of multiple weeks.


How do you know if individualized IOP is right for you?

Along with your team, an assessment would be conducted to identify if a higher level of support would be beneficial to address the difficulties experienced.  


Types of Intensives Offered

Just as every individual's needs are different in weekly therapy, this will dictate how your personalized intensive is set up.  We offer individualized intensives for OCD, anxiety, over-control, eating disorders, phobias, and emotion dysregulation.


If this is something you think you could benefit from or you have more questions about, be sure to ask your individual therapist about goodness of fit or feel free to email us at info@pbshealthcare.com or call at (571) 257-3378.